Our Story … Our Approach M ore Than 50 Years Of Combined Experience In Coaching, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Ministry and Business

Life Builders was founded on the belief that everyone has a unique purpose in this life and when people plug into that purpose they realize their highest potential and ultimate dreams.  Our approach utilizes strategic conversations, assessments and education as effective tools to help people identify their strengths, clarify their vision, lay out plans, overcome obstacles, balance work/life, improve relationships and ultimately ‘build’ a life of purpose.  We see our clients as a “10” and believe they can succeed!  Since 2000, individuals, leadership teams and entire organizations have benefited from the coaching, resources, and expertise that Life Builders provides their clients.  

Meet Our Team Of Coaches!


Charles Hefton

Certified Master Coach & Minister

Charles is a dynamic coach, visionary, mentor, leader and motivator.  His diverse career has encompassed a broad range of professional and community service, including leadership roles in business, church, education and government on both the state and national levels.  Charles is a certified master life coach, an ordained minister, and a national parliamentarian.  His breadth of knowledge and wisdom are helpful to clients from all walks of life.  And his contagious enthusiasm and incredible insight into the heart of matters make Charles a valuable asset to leaders and their organizations.  Charles is a master motivator and popular inspirational speaker to small and large audiences alike.  He is the founder of Life Builders and has dedicated his life to helping people grow, find healthy balance and thrive.


Felicity Hefton

Master Business Coach, Master Trainer & Certified Career Transitions Coach

Felicity is a gifted coach, educator, communicator, and trainer.  With a background that includes education, leadership, sales and entrepreneurship, she brings a diverse skill set to her coaching and easily connects to her clients.  She generates an amazing creativity, resourcefulness and enthusiasm to those she works with.
Felicity is exceptional at helping people going through transitions, whether in a new career or in their life.   She provides both guidance and encouragement to help you find your inner gifts & talents, sort through the options, and navigate the changes.  Felicity is also skilled at helping people who have experienced a sudden loss (divorce, death of a loved one) to emerge from that event with hope.  Felicity holds certifications through Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching & Coach Training Alliance.


Glennis Hefton

Certified Financial Planner & Coach

Glennis is a knowledgeable financial coach with over 40 years of experience in financial planning, investments, mortgages, insurance, medicare and long-term care.  Her background includes business administration, entrepreneurship, program development and financial investments.  She is a master at research and strategic planning and is able to break down complex issues into manageable steps.  Earnest and trustworthy are terms often used by clients to describe her guidance.  Glennis also has a big heart for others and is involved in non-profit organizations both local and abroad.  She believes in paying it forward and teaching others to utilize their resources for maximum benefit to themselves and others.  She is an advocate for those she works with and wants the absolute best for her clients.

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