Our clients….

http://vascularweb.com.br/category/trombose-venosa/            are courageous individuals who wanted more for their life and chose to get coached.
buy modafinil sweden They got clear on what they really wanted, embraced their unique gifting, overcame challenges, and are now adding value to those around them as they happily live out their purpose.  We are honored to work with them!

From James M., Lead Pastor and Author of “The Light Switch” 2014

“My last 15 years have been mentored by Charles Hefton. His wisdom and experience has been vital in coaching me through difficult situations in life and avoiding the pitfalls of ministry. His insight and understanding of the culture, climate, and people in any organization make him an invaluable resource for leaders at all levels. I try to not make any major decisions without getting a reality check from him. Charles is a true professional and phenomenal coach!”


From Jeff R., CEO & Entrepreneur

“I’ve worked with Charles now for roughly 2 years.  In that time I’ve seen major transformation in both my personal and professional life.  Unlike other “life coaches,” Charles has a way of “pulling stuff” out of you that really gets you thinking and focused on the areas which you have the most growth opportunity.  With Charles’ input and guidance, I’ve seen my personal relationships thrive to levels I didn’t know possible.  My spiritual life is stronger than ever before, and my professional life has reached heights I was uncertain if I could attain.  So yes, working with Charles is a wise investment!”

From David P., Senior Pastor

“Charles took the time to listen to the dreams that I had for my life and then began to systematically place resources and direction into my life to help me attain my goals.” 

From Linda H.,  Victims Advocate

“If you have the opportunity to work with Life Builders don’t pass it up!  I have grown more with their help and guidance than at any other period in my life and I highly recommend them.” 

From Marisa P., Team Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working with Felicity for about a year and have received such amazing guidance and support that has helped me grow. Felicity came into my life at a pivotal point in my career and in my personal life.  I really needed someone with her experience in my corner. Felicity’s encouraging words and simple, specific challenges helped me understand I could achieve what I set out for.  She helped me discover and build on my talents and with her on my team I didn’t have to flounder, but could actually prosper! Felicity is a very perceptive woman with an incredibly keen ability to connect with, read, and understand people.  She helped me find clarity, set achievable goals, prioritize tasks, balance work and life, squash negative talk, and take action! Since working with her, I have received a major promotion at work, met an incredible man, lost 40 lbs., and have grown exponentially in so many other facets of life. I am so grateful for her patience, kindness, challenges, and for holding me accountable. She is one of a kind and I am truly blessed to continue my growth with her support.” 

From Rachel S., HR Manager

Over the past two years, Felicity has coached me through many things in my professional life, including career advancement and facilitating company wide transitions as well as helping me develop and strengthen my skills. She has always been there to offer a different perspective and to ask the right questions that enable me to find the answers needed. Felicity’s insight has been truly invaluable and I look forward to working with her for many years to come!

From Anne D., Accountant

“I have known Felicity for many years and throughout that time she has helped me progress both personally and professionally.  I am self-employed and recently felt at a dead-end.  After a conversation with Felicity, I came away with multiple ideas of how to move my business forward, as well as specific steps to get there.  I felt inspired!  On a personal level, she has an amazing ability to help me realize how I can improve my relationships and feel better about myself.  If you want/need someone to encourage and motivate you, I highly recommend Felicity!”  

From Jim & Cecilia, Retired

“When we met Glennis, I was retiring from my company and wanted to covert my 401K into an IRA and then a ROTH IRA.  She works with many different plans and individual stocks as well and provided recommendations that helped grow my retirement savings account over the years.  She was very knowledgeable about the tax consequences, which made everything go very smoothly.  Over the years Glennis has been very diligent in handling our accounts. Whenever she saw a trend going counter to our investments, she was quick to point it out and give suggestions.   These accounts have steadily grown, and provided much needed funds when moving to a different community, helping our children get out of debt, and contributing to our grandchildren’s college fund, and various organizations.”

From Martha M., Former Nurse and Medical Billing Manager

“I have worked closely with Glennis since 2008.  I had moved and had to do something with my 401K and other investments that I have. 

Glennis is a true professional.  She makes you feel as if your investment is the most important thing in her world.  She is so knowledgeable in her field and I have complete trust in her to help me make the best decisions possible.  She doesn’t make the decision but guides you thru the maze and shows you all the “angles” and allows you to make the decision.  She has proven time and time again to have my best interests at heart.  I highly recommend her.”